Designing And Manufacturing Special Machines

We design and manufacture assembling, checking and producing machines which is performed right from concept making to instalment. We are also experienced in manufacturing of simple hand tools and complex production lines.

In order to carry out the design, production and assembling activities in a highly effective way, all the work is performed at the same site. We apply the most modern parametric software for designing. On request, we perform finite element analysis and motion simulations. We use modern CNC machines; each part is assembled followed by a strict quality control process. .

During the designing phase, we make frequent consultations with our customers wherein our partners may be informed about the solutions applied and may be assured about keeping the scheduled timeline.

  • Manual, semi automatic or fully automatic production systems
  • Checking and measuring machines, vision technology products
  • Conveyors, manipulators, robot cells
  • Metal and plastic cutting machines
  • Positioning, auxiliary and other production tools
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